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Let Us Showcase Your Mobile Movies

We’re all about democratizing video production. We believe that anyone can produce a short video that’s worth watching. You don’t have to be a Spielberg or a Lucas. The three equired ingredients: a few key skills, imagination, and the desire to make a film that entertains or teaches or both. To help novices get started and…

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“Life’s a Bench” Wins Memorable Places Contest

UK filmmaker Andrew Elias has won first place in our 2016 Memorable Places contest. Elias’s winning entry— “Life’s a Bench”—is set in the seaside town of  Littlehampton. The four runners-up are: Yassin Sadek’s “A Place That Matters”; Connor deMayo’s “New Canaan”; Brady Shaw’s & Gavin Bomhoof’s “Lake of the Pines”; and  Sami Al-Asfour’s “A Calgary Christmas.” Entrants in this…

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

“Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a state of mind.” — Kris Kringle, Miracle on 34th Street In a world where chestnuts roast on open fires and sugarplums dance in children’s dreams, MobileMovieMaking Magazine has amassed our star-studded holiday gift guide for the cinematic aficionado in your life. Comment below for a chance to win…

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European Adventure

This summer I studied abroad in Europe for 21 days. I went to England, France, Italy, and Greece. An amazing trip with so much to see and learn.

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The Partisan

This video is an episode from the Partisan, a web-series that was entirely filmed and edited using a smartphone Samsung S6 and the application Vivavideo. It tells the journey on the Alpes between Italy and Austria of a man, whose heart was broken by a horrible woman. In the amazing but tragic scenario of the…

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Ewha Go

The 4 members are attending the same school and as we all are on our last year, the most memorable place for us is the School. It has the theme of Pokemon Go. Through the phone, our pokemon, Bekosi, is re-experiencing the memories of us in the school.

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