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Vampire short wins Best Female Filmmaker Award

Vampire short shot using an iPhone 6s + the FiLMiC Pro app demonstrates the ability of mobile moviemakers to capture stunning images under low-light conditions.

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Shooting the Self-Interview Video

Angela Blake won this year’s “I Love It” contest with a funny and movie short piece–“Mother.” You can see her winning entry

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A Trip To Downtown Disney

This project was a family video in which the team went on a trip and saw amazing things, did incredible things. As the vacation ends the family realizes that they have to go back to normal life, and accept it.

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Smartphone Video for Local Journalism

Tune in to just about any traditional TV news program and the chances are you’ll see a horrific train crash or other frightening catastrophe. This kind of news illustrates the old saying ” If it bleeds, it leads.” The calamity may have happened on the other side of the world. It may have no direct…

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Memorable Places contest

Memorable Places–a new video contest

Is there a place that has great meaning for you? A place you love…or fear…or use? Could be a city or a place in your home or your car. Anywhere that’s important. If you have such a place,  we invite you to make a short video about it–running time less than 5 minutes–and submit it…

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When i thought about what i love, nothing in my life even comes close to how much i love being a mother. Its not all happiness and laughs but its the best thing i’ve ever done-become a mum.

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