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The Partisan

This video is an episode from the Partisan, a web-series that was entirely filmed and edited using a smartphone Samsung S6 and the application Vivavideo. It tells the journey on the Alpes between Italy and Austria of a man, whose heart was broken by a horrible woman. In the amazing but tragic scenario of the…

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Ewha Go

The 4 members are attending the same school and as we all are on our last year, the most memorable place for us is the School. It has the theme of Pokemon Go. Through the phone, our pokemon, Bekosi, is re-experiencing the memories of us in the school.

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Cafe Avole

A commercial for Cafe Avole, An elegant, inviting, community-based cafe in Seattle, Wa, that offers the culture of coffee (or ‘buna‘ as it is called) from Ethiopia.

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San Diego

I wanted to show the best parts of San Diego that I’ve gotten to experience while growing up here. San Diego is a place that makes me feel happy, comfortable, adventurous, and best of all, it reminds me of amazing memories. This video is just a few clips of memories and beautiful places I love.…

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By the Ocean, NYC

This video is meant to express the sense of peace that this pier evokes. Found in the middle of a city, but bordered by the ocean the pier serves as an escape from the chaos of a metropolis.

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A Search for Nothing

This is a little break from all reality as you can experience the most amazing adventure in Whistler BC.

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