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Use an Active Camera to Astonish Viewers

Use an active camera to create visual excitement in any kind of mobile-shot movie.

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Backward March: Reverse Motion Creativity

Usually, we have no problem picking a thumbnail to illustrate our articles. A single frame can capture a key action, a surprising location, or a memorable expression. Not so with “Fly Away” because the essence of the film is reverse action: people and objects moving backward in time. So you’ll just have to trust us…

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Background Actors Can Make a Good Scene Great

Natalia Gurkina’s’ “Confessions” illustrates a number of key filmmaking techniques. In just 60-seconds, her film—winner of the Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Mobile Motion Film Festival—teaches the value of minimalist dialogue, understated acting, reaction shots, and starting in the middle of a story. Another point—often overlooked in filmmaking discussions—is using background actors (extras) to…

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Coming Attraction: the Essential Phone

Essential Products, Inc. will shortly release its Essential Phone, which the company’s founder Andy Rubin, believes will revolutionize the field. Rubin, the co-developer of the Android operating system, identified two key goals for the titanium-enclosed device. First, the phone should be simple to use so that it makes the user’s life easier, not more complex. Second, the phone…

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Astonishing Actions in a Music Video

In the beginning, movies were about actions such as a train entering a station, an old man drinking a beer, Annie Oakley hitting targets, and a sneeze captured by Thomas Edison in 1894. Since those early days, many other elements have been added to the mix including close-ups, music, dialogue, and visual effects. But French…

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The Goonspert

I interviewed Noah Outlaw on his use of the word Goon

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