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Using Storytelling in a Video Public Service Announcement

There’s plenty of evidence that facts alone don’t change minds. To motivate people to rethink their positions you need emotion. In the movie business that usually means story. We see this in commercials for selling cars, insurance, medicines, and just about everything else. In “Parametric,” Amila C Kumarasinghe creates a cautionary tale about the last…

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Smoke Alarm Walk

The project was to capture the smoke alarm walk event hosted by the Phoenix Fire Department, The American Red Cross, and the Harlem Globetrotters. The event raise awareness of smoke alarms and the importance of having them inside your home. So far they have saved approximately 200 lives by handing out smoke alarms for free.

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The American Red Cross Phoenix Chapter

Cheryl Searcy is deploying to Iraq for 6 months in July of 2017. Her mission is to communicate emergency messages between the military members, and their families. The music customized specifically for the video. Music was produced by Gregory Meyer which does not have copyrights on his music. He wrote it strictly for Cheryl Searcy…

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The Art of Farming

I shot this video for a project with Micromax tablet few years ago. We took an interview of a farmer who is an expert in his field. It was a project based on farming. We asked him about the art of farming. how it is done, the crops, soil, manure etc. The video was shot…

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How to Shoot Action with a Static Subject

Movies move. So what’s a filmmaker to do with a static subject? That was the challenge facing Irish mobile journalist Philip Bromwell when making “The Wind Phone” for RTE news. This mini-doc is about a phone-booth-like structure that invites users to think about—and cope with—life and loss. Filming with an iPhone 6S Plus and the FiLMiC Pro app, Bromwell…

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School Headmistress Interview

Mrs Vimla Mehta has been acting as a headmistress of an Educational Institute (primary school) for children since 60 years in Aligarh City of India. Her Institution ‘Tagore Public School’ is one of the oldest and respected Institutes of the country. Here’s a short interview about the lady’s profession and her job as a headmistress…

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