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Surprising Your Audience

Use the art of surprise to engage audiences and make your movies more entertaining and memorable.

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Cinematic Storytelling in a Silent Mobile Movie

The one-minute mobile-shot drama “Blind Date” illustrates seven classic cinematic storytelling techniques

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Interview Audio in a Mini-doc

Wytse Vellinga’s  mini-doc “Cleaning Up Other People’s Mess”  illustrates nine easy-to-do but powerful techniques . In just under two minutes, you will see an approach that will enable you to add drama to almost any biographical featurette. The nine classic techniques are: starting with a close-up (the car) breaking a single action into separate shots for visual variety…

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Mobile Moviemaking Made Easy

This free online  course will teach you how to shoot movies that will delight audiences. We will cover every kind of project including travelogues, family documentaries, commercials, music videos, and vblogs. All it takes is 1) a smartphone (or other mobile), 2)  the desire to make a short movie, and 3) mastery of about 100 simple techniques. How simple? Here’s an…

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The Video Diary and Social Activism

A UK video activist shows how to use a smartphone to create a video diary (a personal mini-doc). The goal is to motivate government and other organizations to be responsive to the needs of ordinary people.

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Color Grading Like a Pro Using FiLMiC Pro

A soon-to-be-realized FiLMiC Pro upgrade will enable mobile moviemakers to better control color, closing the gap between smartphones and traditional cameras.

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