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Create a “two shot” in which two subjects share an experience.

Putting two people into a frame is a way to generate drama or comedy no matter what kind of film you’re making.

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iPhone Video Goes to Hollywood

The director of the hit movie “La La Land” used iPhone footage to plan the film’s spectacular opening. This technique can be applied in all sorts of other endeavors–from theater to fashion to sports–that involve develop complex actions.

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Judging a Movie Trailer

As with any film, movie trailers need to have good production values. But the most important issue when judging a trailer is simple: Does it make you want to see the movie that the trailer represents?

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Take short shots.

If you want to create professional looking videos, limit the length of most of your shots. The sweet spot will usually be between 3 and 7 seconds. The payoff will be shots that are stronger and better looking. You’ll also have a much easier time editing.

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Shoot wide, not tall.

While there are exceptions, mobile movies will almost always look better if they’re shot in the wide orientation: horizontally rather than vertically.

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Give your video a real movie ending.

End your project with a real movie ending, something that audiences will remember.

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