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The Secret of Making a Mobile Movie Parody

Kemp Baldwin demonstrates the art of the mobile movie parody in”Bindle Bros.” The four-minute faux documentary was a selection in the 2016 Disposable Film Festival

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Using Two Kinds of Dialogue in a Mini-doc

“The Sapeh Keeper” beautifully  illustrates the two kinds of dialogue found in most well-made mini-docs.  The filmmaker Mariah Ahmad gives us scenes where her subject Mathew Ngau Jau is shown talking about the Sapeh, a lute played by traditional Malaysian musicians. These “talking-head” clips are then intercut with  scenes in which Jau’s comments are played as…

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Dancing with Dragons: a natural nature movie

In “Dancing with Dragons” filmmaker Erez Sitzer takes the natural approach to nature moviemaking. He allows his star—a dragonfly— to be what it is.

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Casey Neistat’s Philosophy of Mobile Moviemaking

During the 2017 Oscars, Samsung ran a commercial–“Do What You Can’t.” Created by and starring Casey Neistat, in 60 seconds the video sums up the YouTube star’s philosophy of mobile moviemaking. Neistat’s words and the images qualify as a rallying cry for grassroots moviemakers around the world. Among other things, Neistat’s proclaims:” It’s not the size of the production…

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Mind Calming with Slow Motion

A few seconds into “London Graffiti Artists,” a title card reads: “The world is racing past us…sometimes we need to slow down.” To help us accomplish that difficult feat, the director Cassius Rayner has shot his mini-doc entirely in slow motion. “London Graffiti was shot using an iPhone 6s and a Smooth C 3 axis gimbal. The…

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Underwater Drone Videography

For a few years now, mobile moviemakers have been able to shoot underwater. All it takes is possessing a waterproof smartphone or a waterproof case. We wrote about the possibilities here. But because of depth limitation—plus dangers inherent in working underwater—mobile-shot underwater footage has been limited…until now. Writing in Wired, Paul Sarconi reports on soon-to-be-released drones designed…

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