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Astonishing Actions in a Music Video

In the beginning, movies were about actions such as a train entering a station, an old man drinking a beer, Annie Oakley hitting targets, and a sneeze captured by Thomas Edison in 1894. Since those early days, many other elements have been added to the mix including close-ups, music, dialogue, and visual effects. But French…

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The Goonspert

I interviewed Noah Outlaw on his use of the word Goon

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Smartphone Commercial Using Practical Lights

One of the great virtues of mobile moviemaking is convenience. The camera is always there. But what about aesthetics? What about memorable images found in Hollywood movies and–more recently–in TV series like “Breaking Bad”? Ari Virem answers those questions with his stunning smartphone commercial “Fluorescent Nights.” Virem’s short video, sponsored by Moment Films, is astonishing in the…

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Mobile Movie Making Smartphone Filmmaking Interview

This is a self interview I did for MMM talking about how I shot and edited my last film, Mother, on my iPhone and more generally, all about smartphone filmmaking which is the area in which I work.

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Ask a Dancer

My project is about dance from the perspective of a young female black dancer named, Morgan Burns. She talks about how she started in dance, to her outlook on the dance world.

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Memorable Movies Need Memorable Characters

Memorable movies are about people  worth knowing.  In fact, narrative films are often named for their key characters. So we have “The Godfather,” “E.T.,” “Thelma & Louise,” and “Goldfinger.” But characters are also crucial in nonfiction films, as mojo journalist Mike Castellucci demonstrates in  “Carrie’s Cakes.” In this short video report, produced for a Texas TV station, Castellucci visited…

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