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The Art of No-budget Filmmaking

Elliott Maguire is a Manchester-based filmmaker who has just completed “The Ferryman,” a horror feature shot on an iPhone 7. In the following interview, he tells what led him into the often-scary world of no-budget filmmaking. MMM: How did you get into filmmaking? MAGUIRE: I’d love to give the typical “shooting movies as a child…

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A Daring Music Video Innovation

The music video genre invites experimentation. Case in point: Olivia Wilde’s “No Love Like Yours,” in which the title song doesn’t begin until nearly three minutes into the six-minute video. Daringly, the opening segment celebrates another piece of music, “Ain’t I Right”performed by the Georgia Sea Island Singers and recorded in 1960 by folklorist Alan…

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Multiple-Location Commercial

Using multiple locations can add visual interest to a talking-head commercial.

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Deadline Nearing for SF3 2017 Competition

This year’s Smart Fone Flick Fest offers over $10,000 in prizes for short films. Entries must be shot using a phone or tablet. Categories include 360 and VR. The deadline is August 1. For more information visit http://www.sf3.com.au. The festival screening takes place on August 24 in Sydney, Australia. You can follow the festival @SF3Fest   …

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Timelapse Travelogue: An Up-tempo View of Italy

Using timelapse cinematography can capture previously unseen truths about a place.

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Music Production

Since I was young, I was interested in music. This video shows my journey in Music Production, my interests in it, and how I see my vision for it in the future.

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