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The Art of the Motovlog

The motovlog is a popular branch of blogging—using first-person video to share experiences. In this case, the topic is motorcycle riding, as exemplified in the work of New Zealand vlogger Jonathan Mackie.

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The Art of the One-location Horror Film

One secret to producing a modestly budgeted movie is to stage all the action in a single location. Doing so not only saves resources but can add to a drama’s intensity.

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A Movie That Captures Decisive Moments in a Man’s Life

Chechen filmmaker Anzor Mulkoev dramatizes the philosophy of pioneer photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson in creating a film based on a series of photographs that capture decisive moments in a man’s life.

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“Upcoming YouTuber” Wins the MobileMovieMaking Interview Contest

Patrick Levar, an American now living in Japan, has won the Mobile Interview Video Contest with “Upcoming YouTuber.”  The interview documents Levar’s journey on the way to becoming a popular vlogger who offers practical tips for making mobile movies. The winning entry is notable for its use of B-roll (clips that illustrate the narrative), multiple locations,…

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A Scary Movie Trailer for a Scary Horror Short

A movie trailer has just one purpose: to make viewers want to see the film. Over the years, moviemakers have used many techniques to accomplish that goal. They’ve included verbal messages like “Unforgettable.” They’ve focused on the stars. They’ve even had the director speak to the audience, a favorite Hitchcock gimmick. And then there’s the…

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