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Drone Poetry Video Scores at the Flying Robot Film Fest

Following the tradition of the music video, filmmaker Alexander Hotz illustrates Charles Bukowski’s poem “The Laughing Heart” with astonishing drone-shot video taken above seven countries.

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The Art of Homage: a Twist on Psycho’s Shower Scene

Regg Skwarko’s “Steam” immediately brings to mind Psycho’s shower scene. But—spoiler alert—there is a terrific twist. The film is one of the finalists in the 2017 Cinephone Film Fest. Anything else we might say about it would ruin your viewing experience, so instead, let’s talk about the art of homage. In the world of film…

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Music Video with a Message Wins at MoMo Film Fest

Jessica Janos dedicated “Acid Waves” to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Music videos aren’t known for delivering searing messages, and perhaps that risk-taking effort partly explains why the video, featuring music by Pale Blue, won the Mobile Motion Film Festival “Best Music Video Award.” But “Acid Waves” is not only issue oriented but highly entertaining. In…

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“Inspiring Account of a Gardener” Wins People’s Choice Award

Varun Mehta has won the People’s Choice Award in MobileMovieMaking’s video interview contest. Mehta’s story of a man planting trees to improve the environment received 56 comments. In thanking the many people who wrote about his video, the filmmaker, based in India, explained the challenge he faced during the production–the subject was ill and having trouble…

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