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Making a Smartphone-shot Commercial

Mobile devices now make it possible for small business owners to create their own commercials. Danielle Hannah, inventor of Mantra Magnets, tells how she did it using a crew of one: herself.

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10 Tips for Making a Low-Budget Commercial

Do you own a small business? Research shows that if you advertise it via facebook or other social media, video greatly increases the number of responses. You can, of course, hire a video production company to make a commercial. But you’ll save money—and probably have a lot more satisfaction—by doing it yourself. The following tips can…

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Dawn of an Aerial Spectator Sport

Drone cinematography has created a new form of spectator sport: watching the action entirely from above.

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Postcard from Malta

Postcard from Malta This video was entirely shot on the majestical lands of Malta with a GoPro 4 Hero during a summer trip with my best friend.

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Genre Mixing: Music Video + Travelogue

The originality of many great movies comes from blending two seemingly different genres. Examples of genre mixing include “The God Father” (crime movie + family movie) and “Terminator” (sci fi + love story). We see this process with “Kicking The Clouds,” a music video that also is a travelogue. The video features Lazy Habits, a…

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Trip to tusheti

13 hikers had 9 day trip in the mountains of georgia. this unic adventure is unforgettable for all of us, the video tells our groups story.

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