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How to Get a Great Movie Performance from a Child Actor

When directing a child actor, limiting dialogue can lead to getting a first-rate performance.

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Global Mobile Film Awards Winners Announced

The Global Mobile Film Awards™ has announced the winners of the 2017 competition. These are: Best Film: “Figment” Best Director: Aris Tyros for “How I Became a Movie Theatre Murderer” Best Documentary: “Space Van Man” by Kara Haarburger with Swineburne Univ. of Technology students Best Cinematographer: Blake Worrell for “Dissolution” Best Experimental Film: “No Budget”…

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Thanksgiving Sightseeing

A short video I shot while visiting distant family in Maryland over thanksgiving break. While in Maryland I realized the importance of documenting my experiences to remember them back at home.

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The Mirrored Selfie: “Here’s Looking at You”

Artist Paul Taylor uses a mirrored costume–a “selfiesurt”–to explore human interaction in the digital era.

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Call for Submissions to the Cairo Mobile Film Festival

The Cairo Mobile Film Festival is accepting submissions through the end of December. In its second year, CMFF seeks to accomplish the following:  mission this way: “Our aim is to have a sustainable festival that would reoccur yearly, thus we will be specifically aiming for the best practices and an advanced level of organization and professionalism at…

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12 days of XMAS

12 days of Christmas music video

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