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About MobileMovieMaking Magazine

MobileMovieMaking magazine aims to help you make and enjoy videos shot with smartphones, tablets, or GoPros.

Pocket and wearable cameras open up a new world of moviemaking in which you can be the creator as well as the viewer. It takes just a little knowledge to produce videos people will want to see twice.

In MMM’s virtual pages, you’ll find tips and tricks, reviews of gear and apps, fun contests, and videos that will inspire your own efforts. Guest bloggers will share their secrets for developing skills in cinematography, lighting, sound, scripting, directing, and editing.

Of course, what really matters is what you do with your skills. That’s why we devote plenty of “ink” to the nuts and bolts of projects such as family narratives, documentaries, music videos, blogs, travelogues, commercials, citizen journalism, and instructional programs.

You’re invited to participate. You can send us your suggestions, questions, article ideas, or criticisms to info@mobilemoviemaking.com. That’s also the address to use if you want to share videos in the magazine.

If you’d like to receive previews of what’s new on the website, please subscribe to our e-newsletter.


Roberta Suid – Editor: Roberta previously was managing editor of Learning magazine. She’s also co-produced several short movies.

Allen Bronstein – Content Director: A professional videographer, Allen is the author of Make iPhone Movies Everyone Loves.

Murray Suid – Creative Director: Murray is a screenwriter and the co-author of MovieMaking Illustrated: the Comicbook Filmbook.


Corey Ohama: Documentary Filmmaker

Kirk Walter: Head of Video Production at O’Reilly Media; he has also directed many short films and music videos.

Mark Dowie: Former Publisher of Mother Jones.

Jordan Livingston: Prize-winning Moviemaker.

Karl Bardosh: Professor of Cell Phone Cinema at New York University and cofounder of movie and festivals competitions in Hungary, India, Australia and the US.


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