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Ilko Iliev

Dawn of an Aerial Spectator Sport

Drone cinematography has created a new form of spectator sport: watching the action entirely from above.

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Lazy Habits

Genre Mixing: Music Video + Travelogue

The originality of many great movies comes from blending two seemingly different genres. Examples of genre mixing include “The God Father” (crime movie + family movie) and “Terminator” (sci fi + love story). We see this process with “Kicking The Clouds,” a music video that also is a travelogue. The video features Lazy Habits, a…

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Steven Soderbergh’s Next Movie is an iPhone Shot Thriller

Steven Soderbergh shoots a low-budget thriller using an iPhone.

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Sven Dreesbach

The Art of Slow Motion in a Sports Video

Slow motion is an easy-to-use but powerful technique for creating memorable sports videos.

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Dougal Shaw

Using a Smartphone to Cover the News

An accident led BBC video journalist Dougal Shaw into shooting his features on a smartphone. One day, when he arrived at a café to produce a program about free wifi, he discovered that his traditional camera’s battery had been drained. Rather than go home without the story, he decided to record using his iPhone. Pleased…

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Melissa Brattoni

The Art of the Psychological Thriller

Imagination is usually seen as something positive. But can there be too much of a good thing? That’s the question Australian filmmaker Melissa Brattoni explores in her prize-winning film “In My Mind.”  As she did in “Meshes of an Autumn Afternoon,” the filmmaker plays the starring role, which earned her a “Best Actress” nomination at the…

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