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Ari Virem

Smartphone Commercial Using Practical Lights

One of the great virtues of mobile moviemaking is convenience. The camera is always there. But what about aesthetics? What about memorable images found in Hollywood movies and–more recently–in TV series like “Breaking Bad”? Ari Virem answers those questions with his stunning smartphone commercial “Fluorescent Nights.” Virem’s short video, sponsored by Moment Films, is astonishing in the…

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Ennis, Ireland

Memorable Movies Need Memorable Characters

Memorable movies are about people  worth knowing.  In fact, narrative films are often named for their key characters. So we have “The Godfather,” “E.T.,” “Thelma & Louise,” and “Goldfinger.” But characters are also crucial in nonfiction films, as mojo journalist Mike Castellucci demonstrates in  “Carrie’s Cakes.” In this short video report, produced for a Texas TV station, Castellucci visited…

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Christopher Stollery

Movie about Moviemaking: “No Budget”

A movie about moviemaking runs the risk of being self-indulgent and too clever. That said, the self-reflexive genre includes some extraordinary works such as “The Player,” “The Day of the Locust,” and “Sunset Boulevard.” We can now add to that list —in the mobile movie subcategory—Christopher Stollery’s witty “No Budget.” “No Budget” artfully creates the appearance of an…

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Semerad animation

Time Lapse Animation

The word “gear” likely brings to mind things like tripods, dollies, lenses, and microphones. Thanks to Johnnie Semerad’s “Walking Johnnie,” we can now add scanners and 3D printers to the list. In the following interview, Semerad takes us behind the scenes of his cutting-edge time lapse animation featured at the 2016 MobileFilmFestival. MMM: Before we…

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Blog within Watch Dogs 2

Vlog Within a Game

Back in the twentieth century only a few people got to share their ideas using video. These included news commentators like Edward R. Murrow and stand-up comedians like Bob Hope. But the digital media revolution has changed all that. These days anyone with a mobile device and something to say can star in a vlog (video log). And now Mika, a German…

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Giving advice

Giving Advice in a Video

Radim Zbořil’s “Brno in Motion” captures the filmmaker’s hometown in the Czech Republic. The beautifully photographed piece won 2nd prize for cinematography at the 6th annual iPhone Film Festival. But the film goes beyond the travelogue category. Combining a few well-placed title cards with clips of the memorable faces of passers-by, Zbořil advances the art of giving advice in a video.…

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