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iPhone Video Consultant – Author and Workshop leader Allen Bronstein is the iPhone Video Guru


Don’t let my name, the iPhone Video Guru fool you.   Everything I talk about on my Blog or Book pertains to any Android, Windows, or IOS phone or tablet.

Working with the  iPhone Video Consultant you’ll learn everything about storytelling. You’ll learn how to use the tools and techniques to fully engage your audience.

Discover how to create a story, assemble images, and combine music and sound effects together in such a way that it captures the viewer’s interest, creating something that didn’t exist before.

You don’t need an expensive camera! You already have a high definition camera in your back pocket or purse.   What’s more incredible is that the lenses and other accessories are so inexpensive, anyone can afford to do it. Given all this and a little knowledge there is no reason for you not to try.   Nike is right… Just Do It!


Allen Bronstein is a noted filmmaker, author, workshop leader, and video consultant.  Contact Allen at guru@mobilemovemaking.com


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Photo by Bob Bone

Photo by Bob Bone



Sample page from "Make iPhone Movies Everyone Loves"

Sample page from “Make iPhone Movies Everyone Loves”





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