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My friend tells the story of how he overcame being bullied.


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  1. Varun Mehta
    Varun Mehta August 30, 2017 at 2:18 am .

    This is an inspiring video…I know bullying is a problem which is dealt by many. And It’s definitely not restricted to one’s country. It needs guts and courage to speak about those incidents of bullying that scarred your life. The gentleman in the video seems to have gone through a lot and It shows the disturbance inside of him. As an Independent Individual we do have a choice to avoid and ignore bullying and form our own company but in schools and colleges, we don’t have a choice. We know we have to meet the same people who would torment us day after day and that is how it is. Some people manage to come out of it and some can’t take it for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately even schools and colleges do not pay attention to these things. They consider this a ‘normal activity’ which is quite appaling. One can only hope for better things to surface in future. Just want to tell this guy…that you are not alone. Everyone who has gone through any sort of bullying shall relate to your site. Big hug from India.


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