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Call for Submissions to the Cairo Mobile Film Festival

The Cairo Mobile Film Festival is accepting submissions through the end of December. In its second year, CMFF seeks to accomplish the following:  mission this way:

“Our aim is to have a sustainable festival that would reoccur yearly, thus we will be specifically aiming for the best practices and an advanced level of organization and professionalism at all levels. Cairo Mobile Film Festival targets to open new doors in the world of communication in addition to the fact that it can shed light on the vital issues in today’s community and society.

“The competition aims to create a meeting point for talented students, young artists, emerging filmmakers and cinema enthusiasts from Egypt and the Arab world to come together and share their linked passion and knowledge of the cinema industry.

“We work to increase the participation of the local community, local stakeholders and partners as well as at the regional level. We look forward to making the festival, a cultural cornerstone for the region that will intrigue international recognition.

The key entry requirements are:

  • Run time:  60 sec minimum and 45 minutes maximum.
  • Device: Use any kind of mobile to shoot your film, documentary, short movie or music film. Raw footage used in the final edit must be submitted to prove you have shot the video on acceptable devices.
  • Trailer: 30 to 45 sec film trailer should be presented.
  • Poster: A film poster (A4) should be presented.

Use this link for the rules and this one for the online submission form.

If you have questions, email hatem.salem@icloud.com.

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