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Time Lapse Animation

The word “gear” likely brings to mind things like tripods, dollies, lenses, and microphones. Thanks to Johnnie Semerad’s “Walking Johnnie,” we can now add scanners and 3D printers to the list. In the following interview, Semerad takes us behind the scenes of his cutting-edge time lapse animation featured at the 2016 MobileFilmFestival. MMM: Before we…

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“Journey Birds” wins Top Prize at the 2016 MoMo Film Festival

Daphna Awadish’s “Journey Birds” has won the Grand Jury Prize at this year’s MoMo Film Festival held in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Stop-motion movie: “Hello Memoirs”

In the following interview, Iranian filmmaker Nousha Saidi takes us behind the scenes in the making of her autobiographical short film HELLO MEMOIRS.

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“Following”: combining live action and animation in an iPhone movie

Steve Baker’s haunting—and amusing—”Following”  explores the possibilities of combining live action and animation. Baker calls it an experiment. The production took just three days. Running less than 2 minutes, the movie raises an interesting philosophy question. It’s also a study in character as location.      

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“Synchronize”: an experiment in animation

Elise The’s beautiful and haunting animated video—”Synchronize”—was an Official Selection at the Disposable Film Fest 2012. The film is visually and narratively complex,

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