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Did Casey Neistat Really Soar in a Human Flying Drone?

Hollywood filmmakers have long obeyed the rule: “Viewers will believe anything if they see it.” And so we’ve been treated to marauding dinosaurs, exploding planets, and high speed chases the wrong way on superhighways. Yet when YouTube superstar Casey Neistat posted a video titled “ Human Flying Drone,” some among the 9.5 million viewers suspected that the stunt—shot…

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Featuring drones in a digital Christmas greeting

In addition to making possible affordable aerial cinematography, drones are now taking starring roles in front of the camera.

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Making a Smartphone-shot Commercial

Mobile devices now make it possible for small business owners to create their own commercials. Danielle Hannah, inventor of Mantra Magnets, tells how she did it using a crew of one: herself.

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10 Tips for Making a Low-Budget Commercial

Do you own a small business? Research shows that if you advertise it via facebook or other social media, video greatly increases the number of responses. You can, of course, hire a video production company to make a commercial. But you’ll save money—and probably have a lot more satisfaction—by doing it yourself. The following tips can…

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Using Storytelling in a Video Public Service Announcement

There’s plenty of evidence that facts alone don’t change minds. To motivate people to rethink their positions you need emotion. In the movie business that usually means story. We see this in commercials for selling cars, insurance, medicines, and just about everything else. In “Parametric,” Amila C Kumarasinghe creates a cautionary tale about the last…

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Multiple-Location Commercial

Using multiple locations can add visual interest to a talking-head commercial.

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