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iPhone Video Goes to Hollywood

The director of the hit movie “La La Land” used iPhone footage to plan the film’s spectacular opening. This technique can be applied in all sorts of other endeavors–from theater to fashion to sports–that involve develop complex actions.

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3 Directing Tips for the Novice Mobile Moviemaker

If you’re a new director, you might not have much experience working with actors. The first thing you need to know: Actors are sometimes strange, weird creatures. I speak from personal experience. I was an actor before I was a filmmaker. As a novice director, the chances are that you’ll be working with novice—even completely…

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An indie film company shares practical moviemaking lessons

There are obvious differences between a Hollywood feature film production and an indie short project. What’s not obvious are the similarities. Just about all the creative opportunities open to a Spielberg are there for the mobile moviemaker who wants to delight an audience. A case is point is the everyday experience of Boston-based Waverley Knobs Entertainment. This small but…

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Mobile Moviemaking Magic: Behind the Scenes of Vadrangi

Filmmaking is a branch of magic. Just as with traditional magic, a film magician can make things disappear or cut people in half without hurting them.

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FonePhace: a sci-fi flick about technology and human nature

Chicago-based filmmaker Jonathan Rivera’s sci fi drama FONEPHACE is that rare combination: an entertaining film that invites us to think, wonder, and maybe change our ways.

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