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The Spontaneous Documentary

The smartphone makes possible the spontaneous documentary, on-the-fly filmmaking that can result in specular productions.

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The Mirrored Selfie: “Here’s Looking at You”

Artist Paul Taylor uses a mirrored costume–a “selfiesurt”–to explore human interaction in the digital era.

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Shooting a Bio Documentary

A short documentary—”Space Van Man”—can serve as a model for creating your own bio documentaries.

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Using a Smartphone to Cover the News

An accident led BBC video journalist Dougal Shaw into shooting his features on a smartphone. One day, when he arrived at a café to produce a program about free wifi, he discovered that his traditional camera’s battery had been drained. Rather than go home without the story, he decided to record using his iPhone. Pleased…

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Mobile-shot Footage Included in Refugee Documentary

Celebrated artist and filmmaker Ai Weiwei shot part of “Human Flow” using smartphone and drone footage. The monumental documentary, about the current worldwide refugee crisis, was filmed in 23 countries. Here’s the trailer. David Ehrlich provides a detailed analysis of this important movie in Indirewire.  The film, which covers the plight of millions of people…

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