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“Freight Train Hopping In Canada”: a GoPro Adventure Documentary

GoPro videos typically focus on specific actions—riding a motorcycle, doing skateboard stunts, twirling a hula-hoop, or shooting aerial footage.

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“MKE Lagoon”: aerial cinematography with a GoPro

Aerial photography isn’t new. A French photographer Gaspar-Felix Tournachon took the first still photos from a ballon in 1858. Half a century later, in 1909, an unknown German cameraman shot the first aerial movie—”Wilbur Wright ind seine Flugmaschine.” By the 1920s, Hollywood moviemakers were producing spectacular aerial footage that featured everything from wing walkers to dramatic crashes.…

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Cinephone Submission Deadline is coming soon!

If you’d like to submit a video to Barcelona-based Cinephone International Smartphone Shortfilm Festival, the deadline is August 31, 2014. Cinephone features short mobile-shot videos in all genres. For details and submission form please visit www.cinephone.org

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“Aladdin & The Magic Bin”: raising environmental awareness

For 20 years, every morning, Aladdin sweeps his city. With the help of his magic broom and a bin he sweeps and sweeps and never feels tired. 

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“AntiZica 2014”: a skateboard movie from Brazil

Luis Mendes is the founder of MiniMov, a blog devoted to all aspects of mobile moviemaking. Based in Brazil, Luis is also an accomplished filmmaker. We interviewed him about his recently completed skateboard mini-documentary “AntiZica.”

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“Streets of Milano”: a slow-motion documentary

Lukas Ellerbrock is the co-founder of flapp, a German production company located in Hamburg. While on assignment with a different company doing documentary for the Milano Fashion Week, Lukas used a few hours of free time to test the 120 frames-per-second option on his brand new iPhone 5S. “Streets of Milano” is the result. Surprising…

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