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“The Painter of Jalousie”: a mini-doc about the power of color

“The Painter of Jalousie” tells the story of Duval, a Haitian artist Duval with a big dream. Duval believes that adding color to slum dwellings will make the community more joyful. In just under 6 minutes, the movie introduces us to Duval, captures his vision, and shows him involving Haitians—including children—in turning an idea into reality. “The Painter of…

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Mobile Moviemaking Magic: Behind the Scenes of Vadrangi

Filmmaking is a branch of magic. Just as with traditional magic, a film magician can make things disappear or cut people in half without hurting them.

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Mobile Video Journalism: short-form reports by Philip Bromwell

Philip Bromwell is one of the world’s leading practitioners of mobile video journalism. Originally trained to use traditional video cameras, for several years he’s been experimenting with smartphones. Actually, he does more than experiment. RTÉ, the Irish television network, has broadcast a number of Bromwell’s smartphone-shot reports, such as the informative and cinematically rich “The Hidden Hoard.” RTÉ hosted MoJoCon, the…

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Smartphone-shot TV news: a tattoo about The Titanic

Amateur mobile video has become a staple of television news, covering events ranging from police actions to natural catastrophes. But professional journalists are not being left behind. Philip Bromwell’s  “The Inking of the Titanic” is an example of smartphone-shot TV news. The report aired on RTE (Irish Television). 

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“Have You Every Robbed Someone At Gunpoint?”: a mobile documentary

The best mobile moviemakers are finding new ways to tell stories.  A recent example is Nelson Pena’s iPhone short mobile documentary built around a criminal’s account of an armed robbery.

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The power of location: “Dancers of NYC”

Professional moviemakers have long understood the power of presenting a familiar action in a surprising location. Think of the aerobic exercise in “2001,” the war in Alien, or the chase scene on Mt. Rushmore in “North by Northwest.” Celebrated dance/fashion photographer Tristan Pope illustrates this creative option beautifully by transporting dance sequences out of the concert hall…

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