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Sony ECMCS3 Clip style Omnidirectional Stereo Microphone

The Sony Omnidirectional Stereo Microphone offers a clip style for convenient hands-free recording. The microphone rotates for flexible placement.

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Neewer Handheld Stabilizer

The Neewer Handheld Stabilizer takes away the need for tripods or dolly’s, giving videographers the ability to create smooth videos while the camera is in motion. It features a camera platform with both x and y adjustments, and multiple mount holes for various camera positions. The weight plate contains six weight discs to balance your camera…

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Julius Studio 160LED Camera Light Kit

The Julius Studio Camera Light Kit includes (2)Ultra High Power 160 LED Video Light Panel Digital Camera DSLR Camcorder LED Video Light (2)28″ Tall Photography Mini Light Stand. About $60.

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Drone moviemaking tips for the novice by Daniel Bowen

Aerial photography goes back way before the Wright brothers. Nineteenth century balloonists astonished earth-bound audiences with shots taken from the sky. Moviemakers early on exploited the visual possibilities of shooting from fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.  So there’s nothing really new about drone cinematography except that it has democratized the technique. Now anyone with a low-cost…

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OlloClip lenses

olloclip is a family of easy-to-use, clip-on lens systems for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Samsung Galaxy S. Includes fisheye, wide-angle, macro and telephoto lenses. A typical set includes four lenses: a fisheye, a wide-angle, a macro, and a telephoto. Prices are in the $60 range.  The recently released version for the iPhone 6 and…

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GripTight GorillaPod Stand for smartphone stability

You want three qualities in a video tripod: stability, stability, and stability. That’s the main point: to banish shaky camera work so that your videos look smooth and professional. If you’re like most of us, you’ll also insist on ease of use, which includes  portability. The tripod that is too bulky or that requires too…

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