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Featuring drones in a digital Christmas greeting

In addition to making possible affordable aerial cinematography, drones are now taking starring roles in front of the camera.

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The Mirrored Selfie: “Here’s Looking at You”

Artist Paul Taylor uses a mirrored costume–a “selfiesurt”–to explore human interaction in the digital era.

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“Upcoming YouTuber” Wins the MobileMovieMaking Interview Contest

Patrick Levar, an American now living in Japan, has won the Mobile Interview Video Contest with “Upcoming YouTuber.”  The interview documents Levar’s journey on the way to becoming a popular vlogger who offers practical tips for making mobile movies. The winning entry is notable for its use of B-roll (clips that illustrate the narrative), multiple locations,…

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Timelapse Travelogue: An Up-tempo View of Italy

Using timelapse cinematography can capture previously unseen truths about a place.

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Time Lapse Animation

The word “gear” likely brings to mind things like tripods, dollies, lenses, and microphones. Thanks to Johnnie Semerad’s “Walking Johnnie,” we can now add scanners and 3D printers to the list. In the following interview, Semerad takes us behind the scenes of his cutting-edge time lapse animation featured at the 2016 MobileFilmFestival. MMM: Before we…

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Vlog Within a Game

Back in the twentieth century only a few people got to share their ideas using video. These included news commentators like Edward R. Murrow and stand-up comedians like Bob Hope. But the digital media revolution has changed all that. These days anyone with a mobile device and something to say can star in a vlog (video log). And now Mika, a German…

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