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The Video Diary and Social Activism

A UK video activist shows how to use a smartphone to create a video diary (a personal mini-doc). The goal is to motivate government and other organizations to be responsive to the needs of ordinary people.

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Ten Tips for Making a Great Mobile News Report

Learn how to create a professional-looking mobile news report or mini-doc by studying an example by Philip Bromwell.

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Shooting an Experimental Mini-documentary

Cassius Rayner gives the lie to the old adage “Those who can do; those who can’t teach.” Rayner is a prolific London-based filmmaker who is dedicated to sharing his skills with novices. In the following interview, he takes us behind the scenes of “Blockley Street Art,” a two-minute experimental mini-documentary.

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Making a Music-based Travelogue

Starting with music and adding visuals is one way to make an exciting travelogue.

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The Selfie Interview Comes of Age

The selfie interview can be a powerful way of sharing personal information for business, training, and other purposes.

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“No Spain No Gain” Wins FiLMiC Pro Experimental Film Prize

Flip Stovall’s “No Spain No Gain” won first place in the Experimental Film category in this year’s  FiLMiCPro Short Film Contest: Tangerine Dreams.  Shot using an iPhone 6 plus the FiLMiC Pro camera app,  the video follows the exploits of three young skateboarders. Experimental film has a long history, reaching back to the 1920s.  A key feature in…

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