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The Moving Selfie

Can you get quality results when shooting with a smartphone, tablet, or GoPro? The answer is a resounding YES! With the help of inexpensive gear and apps such as FiLMiC Pro, mobile moviemakers meet every cinematic challenge from lighting to depth of field to slow motion. Wander through this site and you’ll find prize-winning works in every genre—such as thrillers, music videos,…

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Learning Mobile Moviemaking Project by Project

Mobile moviemaking owes a great deal to Spanish filmmaker Conrad Mess. His prize-winning shorts —such as “The Fixer” and “The Other Side”—gave early proof that smartphone movies can achieve astonishingly high production values even when constrained by modest budgets. In a behind-the-scenes video, Conrad tells how each member of the cast and crew contributed to the success of “The Other Side.” The…

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Experimental Drone Music Video by Daito Manabe

Anyone need more proof that there are no limits to mobile moviemaking? If so, take a look at and enjoy Tokyo-based filmmaker Daito Manabe’s experimental drone music video “Cold Stares.” Wired.co.uk calls the piece  a collision of “virtual and real worlds” filmed by drones. What’s astonishing is that a music video that is digital, abstract, and analytical,…

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Learning from Instagram’s 15-second Thriller Series

A hundred years from now, movie fans may look back on our time as the Golden Age of short-form storytelling.  Mobile moviemakers around the world continue to demonstrate that brevity works well in a variety of genres including documentaries, narratives, commercials, and instructional videos. And now, Instagram has inaugurated the 15-second thriller series—“Shield5.”   The rise of the…

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10 Simple Techniques Found in an iPhone Movie

It’s a good guess that when Jacqueline Passos made BALLOON, her goal was to tell a story. She certainly succeeded, using an iPhone 6 to create a visually arresting and emotionally satisfying short. But a well-made movie can do more than entertain us. A second view of BALLOON reveals simple techniques available to novices as well as…

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Mobile Moviemaking Sound effects–Anyone Can Do Foley

We think of movies as being visual experiences. And they are. But a big chunk of the pleasure in watching a movie comes from recorded SOUNDS–bees humming, thunder roaring, sirens blaring. In just about one minute, Ben Busnel’s “Yes You Can”  demonstrates the importance of natural sounds in moviemaking. The big take-away (after you stop…

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