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“A Declaration of Interdependence”: a cloud film by the Moxie Institute

Tiffany Shlain is celebrated for her innovative movies and for her cutting-edge work in digital communications. Among her many accomplishments, Tiffany is the founder of The Webby Awards and a recipient of the Disruptive Innovation Award from Tribeca Film Festival. She’s premiered a number of films at Sundance. One of Tiffany’s current initiatives is cloud filmmaking.  A DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE is…

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“Requiem”: autobiography in the 21st century

“Requiem,” shot on an iPhone 4s  by Jeffrey Turboff, combines stunning visuals and a spare narration reminiscent of Truffaut to pack a lifetime into a two-minute movie. You’ll need to play “Requiem” more than once to see–and hear–all that it has to offer.

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“Graffiti Stop Motion”: live action animation

Amazing Stop Motion Video Broken Fingaz’s “Graffiti Stop Motion” packs in so many astonishing effects, to see everything  you’ll need to watch this two-minute movie more than once to see great stop motion video in action.

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“The Man Who Lived on His Bike”: dedicated to a bicycling father

Most of us have used bicycles for transportation, perhaps to go to school or work or visit friends. Some have taken long-distance treks. But it is safe to say that few people–while biking–have picked out a wardrobe, fried an egg for breakfast, scoured the pan, completed a crossword puzzle, and used a laptop. Montreal filmmaker Guillaume…

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“Memory 22”: an experiment in stop motion

Bill Newsinger’s “Memory 22” won third prize at the Mobil Film Festival 2013 In the following behind-the-scenes narrative, Bill shares some of the tricks that went into his magical movie. Memory 22 was shot on my iphone 4s using the Hipstamatic app and the Tintype Snap Pak. Most of it was hand held but a couple…

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“Fools Parade”: a psychedelic music video

Jeffrey Turboff earns his bread and butter working nights, editing for ABC News’ Nightline—but he’s also got a passion for creative indie projects such as the dazzling music video “Fools Parade,” which he directed for the band Trumpeter Swan. Although our policy is to keep articles to just a few hundred words, Jeffrey’s description of…

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