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“Synchronize”: an experiment in animation

Elise The’s beautiful and haunting animated video—”Synchronize”—was an Official Selection at the Disposable Film Fest 2012. The film is visually and narratively complex,

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“Time Collapse Video”: seeing, believing, and…reality

Director Cy Kuckenbaker got into the bowl with pro skateboarder Cory Juneau to shoot a video reminiscent of a Busby Berkeley dance sequence. The skateboarding action, captured with a Lumia 930 is astonishing. But that’s only  the beginning. In a companion video, Kuckenbaker takes viewers behind the scenes to show how editors virtually obliterate time to…

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“MKE Lagoon”: aerial cinematography with a GoPro

Aerial photography isn’t new. A French photographer Gaspar-Felix Tournachon took the first still photos from a ballon in 1858. Half a century later, in 1909, an unknown German cameraman shot the first aerial movie—”Wilbur Wright ind seine Flugmaschine.” By the 1920s, Hollywood moviemakers were producing spectacular aerial footage that featured everything from wing walkers to dramatic crashes.…

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“A Declaration of Interdependence”: a cloud film by the Moxie Institute

Tiffany Shlain is celebrated for her innovative movies and for her cutting-edge work in digital communications. Among her many accomplishments, Tiffany is the founder of The Webby Awards and a recipient of the Disruptive Innovation Award from Tribeca Film Festival. She’s premiered a number of films at Sundance. One of Tiffany’s current initiatives is cloud filmmaking.  A DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE is…

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“Requiem”: autobiography in the 21st century

“Requiem,” shot on an iPhone 4s  by Jeffrey Turboff, combines stunning visuals and a spare narration reminiscent of Truffaut to pack a lifetime into a two-minute movie. You’ll need to play “Requiem” more than once to see–and hear–all that it has to offer.

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“Graffiti Stop Motion”: live action animation

Amazing Stop Motion Video Broken Fingaz’s “Graffiti Stop Motion” packs in so many astonishing effects, to see everything  you’ll need to watch this two-minute movie more than once to see great stop motion video in action.

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