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Fear & Trembling Halloween Contest

Find My Phone

After finding out about the contest the Wednesday before the deadline, Shon Little drafted a script based on a frequent occurrence between he and his wife. Shon sent it to his creative partners Julie Mitchell and Markus Baldwin who agree they should shoot it. The three of them shot the script on their GoPro Hero…

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A girl wakes to find pictures of herself sleeping in her phone. She lives alone.

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Sisters receive a halloween gift to encounter the unexpected Shooting Style : Handheld Gear : Shoulderpod S1 Editing : Final Cut Pro X

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A Brush With Death

A man is haunted by ghouls while brushing his teeth but ghosts aren’t the scariest part of his day.

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Pyromaniac is someone who has an obsessive desire to set fire to things.

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The Corn Witch Project

One night when a group of my friend and I went to the corn maze to celebrate my birthday, me and y friends got separated from two other of our friends. While we wandered aimlessly, we were joking and said “What if we filmed a movie and turned it into our Video tech teacher? and…

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