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Did Casey Neistat Really Soar in a Human Flying Drone?

Hollywood filmmakers have long obeyed the rule: “Viewers will believe anything if they see it.” And so we’ve been treated to marauding dinosaurs, exploding planets, and high speed chases the wrong way on superhighways. Yet when YouTube superstar Casey Neistat posted a video titled “ Human Flying Drone,” some among the 9.5 million viewers suspected that the stunt—shot…

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Nonverbal Acting that Creates a Memorable Performance

Great actors are masters of nonverbal acting, which is a skill that can enable even inexperienced performers to astonish audiences.

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How to Get a Great Movie Performance from a Child Actor

When directing a child actor, limiting dialogue can lead to getting a first-rate performance.

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The Mirrored Selfie: “Here’s Looking at You”

Artist Paul Taylor uses a mirrored costume–a “selfiesurt”–to explore human interaction in the digital era.

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Making a Smartphone-shot Commercial

Mobile devices now make it possible for small business owners to create their own commercials. Danielle Hannah, inventor of Mantra Magnets, tells how she did it using a crew of one: herself.

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Genre Mixing: Music Video + Travelogue

The originality of many great movies comes from blending two seemingly different genres. Examples of genre mixing include “The God Father” (crime movie + family movie) and “Terminator” (sci fi + love story). We see this process with “Kicking The Clouds,” a music video that also is a travelogue. The video features Lazy Habits, a…

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