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Mind Calming with Slow Motion

A few seconds into “London Graffiti Artists,” a title card reads: “The world is racing past us…sometimes we need to slow down.” To help us accomplish that difficult feat, the director Cassius Rayner has shot his mini-doc entirely in slow motion. “London Graffiti was shot using an iPhone 6s and a Smooth C 3 axis gimbal. The…

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Judging a Movie Trailer

As with any film, movie trailers need to have good production values. But the most important issue when judging a trailer is simple: Does it make you want to see the movie that the trailer represents?

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Surprising Your Audience

Use the art of surprise to engage audiences and make your movies more entertaining and memorable.

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Cinematic Storytelling in a Silent Mobile Movie

The one-minute mobile-shot drama “Blind Date” illustrates seven classic cinematic storytelling techniques

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Interview Audio in a Mini-doc

Wytse Vellinga’s  mini-doc “Cleaning Up Other People’s Mess”  illustrates nine easy-to-do but powerful techniques . In just under two minutes, you will see an approach that will enable you to add drama to almost any biographical featurette. The nine classic techniques are: starting with a close-up (the car) breaking a single action into separate shots for visual variety…

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The Video Diary and Social Activism

A UK video activist shows how to use a smartphone to create a video diary (a personal mini-doc). The goal is to motivate government and other organizations to be responsive to the needs of ordinary people.

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