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“Graffiti Stop Motion”: live action animation

Amazing Stop Motion Video Broken Fingaz’s “Graffiti Stop Motion” packs in so many astonishing effects, to see everything  you’ll need to watch this two-minute movie more than once to see great stop motion video in action.

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“Come Sweet Earth”: trailer for a sci fi web series

Canadian John Celona has won prizes for both his screenwriting and his movie productions. He’s been making movies for 15 years. The trailer shown here is for a 9-episode web series set to premier January 2015. The logline: An entity arrives from a distant galaxy and is hungry, very hungry.

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“AntiZica 2014”: a skateboard movie from Brazil

Luis Mendes is the founder of MiniMov, a blog devoted to all aspects of mobile moviemaking. Based in Brazil, Luis is also an accomplished filmmaker. We interviewed him about his recently completed skateboard mini-documentary “AntiZica.”

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“Bounce”: a football’s journey

For two years Guillaume Blanchet traveled with his best friends to Canada, France, Greece, the USA and Morocco, always bringing a ball in his suitcase. Along the way, they created a video that demonstrates the power of location. About their journey, the filmmaker says, “We have come to witness the universality of football, as we…

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Bentley commercial shot with iPhone 5s: a production values reality check

Here’s more evidence that mobile moviemaking can achieve stunning production values. True, smartphone cinematography hasn’t yet surprised what you can get using your RED camera. But with a few tools like a steadicam and a few lenses, we can come very close. If you’re not interested in why you should buy a Bentley, fast-forward to  3:17 of the video.…

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Ripple Training for iMovie is a Winner

I’ve been a fan and user of Ripple Training products for many years.   So, I’m predisposed to expect clear, concise, and informative tutorials.   And that’s what I got with Ripple Training’s Lessons for iMovie (Apple’s version 10).  The training, which can be purchased at the Mac App Store for $4.99, is an amazing bargain, especially…

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