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“Fools Parade”: a psychedelic music video

Jeffrey Turboff earns his bread and butter working nights, editing for ABC News’ Nightline—but he’s also got a passion for creative indie projects such as the dazzling music video “Fools Parade,” which he directed for the band Trumpeter Swan. Although our policy is to keep articles to just a few hundred words, Jeffrey’s description of…

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“Summer Wine”: Shooting and Starring in a music video

Renee Faia is half of the rock group The Mazarines, and virtually all of the production team that shoots the group’s videos. Her “Summer Wine” music video won 2nd place at the International iPhone Film Festival in March 2014. In the following interview, Renee takes us behind the scenes of her moviemaking work. Did you script…

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“The Fixer”: a study in editing (and a lot more)

If you have any doubts about achieving high quality production values with a mobile device, watch this movie. The movie, shot using an iPhone, was directed by Conrad Mess. The version featured here was edited down to 3:00 to qualify for the 2012 Mobil Film Festival, which it won! The video gives you plenty to…

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Behind the Scenes at the International Mobil Film Festival

A key factor in the mobile moviemaking revolution is the advent of festivals that showcase works shot with smartphones and tablets. At the forefront of this development is the International Mobil Film Festival. Begun in 2010 and based in San Diego, California, it was one of the first such festivals to exhibit mobile movies in…

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Shooting SloMo Using a Spotting Scope

Sharon Stiteler loves birding and digiscoping with the iPhone 5s and a Swarovski Optik spotting scope. As she explaines: “The iPhone 5s lets you capture video at 120 frames per second, which upon normal playback shows the action four times slower than in reality.” “The combo of phone and spotting scope allows you to take fantastic…

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“Renewal”: trailer for a horror pic shot in 7 days

The Ultimate Filmmaker Challenge is a 7-day film race created by New Yorkers Yaron Urbas and Frances Lozada. The goal is to move people from talking about making films to actually making them. To emphasize the fact that filmmaking doesn’t require fancy  equipment, the Challenge’s founders decided to shoot their movies with limited  equipment. When…

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