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“I Love It” Contest


When i thought about what i love, nothing in my life even comes close to how much i love being a mother. Its not all happiness and laughs but its the best thing i’ve ever done-become a mum.

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A Quick History Of The Staunton Chess Set

Whether or not you know how to play Chess, one of the world’s oldest games, it is highly likely the checkered board and famously recognizable playing pieces are nothing new to you. However, few know the story of The Staunton Chess Set and how it became the standard around the world.

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Red snapper fishing

Red snapper fishing in he Gulf of Mexico. Day filled with catching fish and filming.

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Last week, I traveled to Rome, Italy. I went to many sights and recorded tons of shots with my new canon T3i. My goal in Rome was to learn new filming techniques and create a video with my best shots. This was the result.

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72 Hours In Paris

In one week I traveled to Spain, Italy, and France. I spent three days in Paris and wanted to experience as much as possible. I filmed everything I could with my Canon Rebel T3i. This is the result.

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Four Elements

A lot of these shots was filmed with an iPhone 6 because it was so mobile. Though a Canon 5D MKii was used in conjunction. I weaved 4 cities into one video that all happened in the same month.

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