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Mobile Journalism Competition 2017

Among the Internet’s most astonishing achievements is the democratization of information sharing. Instead of a handful of news outlets, now millions of citizen journalists cover local and distant news topics using words and videos. Traditionalists worry that untrained reporters and commenters may lack the skills and fair-minded attitude needed to make grassroots journalism authentic.  And that’s one reason that the Mobile…

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Ten Tips for Making a Great Mobile News Report

Learn how to create a professional-looking mobile news report or mini-doc by studying an example by Philip Bromwell.

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Smartphone Video for Local Journalism

Tune in to just about any traditional TV news program and the chances are you’ll see a horrific train crash or other frightening catastrophe. This kind of news illustrates the old saying ” If it bleeds, it leads.” The calamity may have happened on the other side of the world. It may have no direct…

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Mobile Journalism Is Not About Monetization

You may have heard that Tribune Publishing, which owns the Los Angeles Times and many other newspapers, has rebranded itself as tronc (Tribune Online Content). tronc (the lowercase “t”  is the corporate spelling) brags that it will strengthen journalism by multiplying the amount of video used to tell stories and by relying on artificial intelligence (AI) to create links.  The ultimate…

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Mobile Video Journalism: short-form reports by Philip Bromwell

Philip Bromwell is one of the world’s leading practitioners of mobile video journalism. Originally trained to use traditional video cameras, for several years he’s been experimenting with smartphones. Actually, he does more than experiment. RTÉ, the Irish television network, has broadcast a number of Bromwell’s smartphone-shot reports, such as the informative and cinematically rich “The Hidden Hoard.” RTÉ hosted MoJoCon, the…

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World Latte Art Championships: a smartphone news report

Irish video journalist Philip Bromwell is blazing new paths in the art of the smartphone news reports. In “The King of Coffee,” he profiles Seivijus “Elvis” Matiejunas, as he prepares to represent Ireland at the World Latte Art Championships in Australia (15-18 May 2014). 

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