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Memorable Places Contest

A Search for Nothing

This is a little break from all reality as you can experience the most amazing adventure in Whistler BC.

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Caribbean Cruise

This is a video about a cruise I went on during spring break. This place meant a lot to me because it was the most fun i’ve had anywhere because it is where I found my sense of adventure.

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For me the “place” of this video was less of a location and more of anywhere I am when I’m with family and friends because no matter where we are, we are always making memories. This is a collection of clips that I’ve generated from the past couple months, and each clip holds value to…

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GRAD NITE 2016 at Disneyland (IZECOLD- Close)

This video displays my experience at DIsneyland and California Adventure enoying my grad-nite experience there. Disneyland and California Adventure park is a memorable place because of the fun I experienced there during grad-nite. Every shot was taken through my HTC One m8 phone.

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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

I love experimenting, and KL Bird Park is my first location after I bought iPhone 7 plus recently. KL Bird Park is one of my childhood memories, especially with my dad. We used to hang out here before we pick up my mother once she ended her shift at the office nearby. I have learned…

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Columbia Gorge

This is one of my favorite places to be at. The landscape is very beautiful and I really love the atmosphere.

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