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Mobile Interview Video Contest

The Life of a Music Producer

We used Touchcast to shoot the video with the iPad.

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Music Production

Since I was young, I was interested in music. This video shows my journey in Music Production, my interests in it, and how I see my vision for it in the future.

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The Goonspert

I interviewed Noah Outlaw on his use of the word Goon

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Mobile Movie Making Smartphone Filmmaking Interview

This is a self interview I did for MMM talking about how I shot and edited my last film, Mother, on my iPhone and more generally, all about smartphone filmmaking which is the area in which I work.

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Ask a Dancer

My project is about dance from the perspective of a young female black dancer named, Morgan Burns. She talks about how she started in dance, to her outlook on the dance world.

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Up Coming YouTuber

I make youtube videos for people who want to film with a cellphone… You don’t need an expensive camera to get cinematic shots. Top question that most famous YouTubers get asked ….what gear do you use. I’m here to show you it’s not about the gear….. In these tutorials, I’m going to show you how…

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