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Mobile Interview Video Contest

Ask a Dancer

My project is about dance from the perspective of a young female black dancer named, Morgan Burns. She talks about how she started in dance, to her outlook on the dance world.

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Up Coming YouTuber

I make youtube videos for people who want to film with a cellphone… You don’t need an expensive camera to get cinematic shots. Top question that most famous YouTubers get asked ….what gear do you use. I’m here to show you it’s not about the gear….. In these tutorials, I’m going to show you how…

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Project right

The exploration of attractiveness in Tinder profiles. An interview with two unfortunate but active tinder users.

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Inspiring account of a Gardener

Ramu, a 36 year old man working as a local gardener in Aligarh Town City of India. Ramu is a hard working man who struggles daily for a living yet his dedication towards his occupation is admirable enough. Ramu has also contributed as an environmentalist. It is known that he has planted several trees over…

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