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Mobile Mini Doc Contest

Drone Poetry Video Scores at the Flying Robot Film Fest

Following the tradition of the music video, filmmaker Alexander Hotz illustrates Charles Bukowski’s poem “The Laughing Heart” with astonishing drone-shot video taken above seven countries.

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A Quick History Of The Staunton Chess Set

Whether or not you know how to play Chess, one of the world’s oldest games, it is highly likely the checkered board and famously recognizable playing pieces are nothing new to you. However, few know the story of The Staunton Chess Set and how it became the standard around the world. Writer / Director /…

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Waiting For The Ferryman

Shot in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania on an iphone 5c of people waiting to catch Kigamboni ferry in December 2015.

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eBike Box in Bochum

It is a report on a group of vocational scholars in Germany. They engineered a portable box to charge e-Bikes and are building their first prototype. The video is all in German, but with English subtitles (press CC-Button)” I’ve developed my idea of what I call #oneshot video reports. This is the newest one in…

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Talent For Living

It’s about a girl having unrecognised talent which she uses to earn a living for her family

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The aftermath of Storm Desmond at Ross Castle

This is exclusive footage of the aftermath of Storm Desmond at Ross Castle in Killarney, Ireland .

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