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Music Video

Found Images in an iPhone Music Video

“Silience in London 2017” is a fine example of a music video shot as mini-documentary.

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A Daring Music Video Innovation

The music video genre invites experimentation. Case in point: Olivia Wilde’s “No Love Like Yours,” in which the title song doesn’t begin until nearly three minutes into the six-minute video. Daringly, the opening segment celebrates another piece of music, “Ain’t I Right”performed by the Georgia Sea Island Singers and recorded in 1960 by folklorist Alan…

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Backward March: Reverse Motion Creativity

Usually, we have no problem picking a thumbnail to illustrate our articles. A single frame can capture a key action, a surprising location, or a memorable expression. Not so with “Fly Away” because the essence of the film is reverse action: people and objects moving backward in time. So you’ll just have to trust us…

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Astonishing Actions in a Music Video

In the beginning, movies were about actions such as a train entering a station, an old man drinking a beer, Annie Oakley hitting targets, and a sneeze captured by Thomas Edison in 1894. Since those early days, many other elements have been added to the mix including close-ups, music, dialogue, and visual effects. But French…

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Multiple Camera Mobile Moviemaking

ColorDrop Media’s music video “Once in a While” illustrates the possibilities inherent in using a variety of mobile cameras to create a movie. 

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The Moving Selfie

Can you get quality results when shooting with a smartphone, tablet, or GoPro? The answer is a resounding YES! With the help of inexpensive gear and apps such as FiLMiC Pro, mobile moviemakers meet every cinematic challenge from lighting to depth of field to slow motion. Wander through this site and you’ll find prize-winning works in every genre—such as thrillers, music videos,…

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