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Music Video

The Three-in-One Blended Music Video

The history of the music video goes back farther than you might think. According to music video historians—ah yes,, there are historians of everything—in 1894, sheet music publishers Edward B. Marks and Joe Stern produced a magic lantern slide show to promote their song, “The Little Lost Child.” According to a Wikipedia article, the advent…

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Experimental Drone Music Video by Daito Manabe

Anyone need more proof that there are no limits to mobile moviemaking? If so, take a look at and enjoy Tokyo-based filmmaker Daito Manabe’s experimental drone music video “Cold Stares.” Wired.co.uk calls the piece  a collision of “virtual and real worlds” filmed by drones. What’s astonishing is that a music video that is digital, abstract, and analytical,…

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Music and Moviemaking

In the 1930s, long before  MTV, Disney’s “Silly Symphonies” and “Fantasia” explored the relationship between music and moviemaking. Simon Presto’s “Waiting for the Ferryman” carries on that tradition, and extends  it to the documentary genre. In the following interview, this UK-based filmmaker discusses the techniques he used in making his short film. MMM: Do you see “Waiting for the Ferryman” primarily as…

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Drone Moviemaking Without a Cut

Colin Solal Cardo’s “All Away” has won the Grand Prize in the  music video category at the Cine-Drones Festival 2015.  The four-minute movie, featuring a song by Art of Shades offers plenty of visual delights including–as you’d expect with drone cinematography–spectacular high-angle imagery. Keeping the two frenetic dancers in the frame with the camera in constant motion…

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“Dance Again”: a GoPro aerial music video

We’ve come a long way from the American Bandstand-style video. A recent example is Tristan Pope’s Dancers of NYC. But even further afield—that is, up in the air—is “Dance Again,” a GoPro aerial music video featuring the Australian band Skipping Girl Vinegar.

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E.M.O.: a multiscreen music video

To be memorable—and worth repeated views—a music video should combine a strong musical performance with original moviemaking. A good example is Ricardo Bigai’s E.M.O., a multiscreen music video, which won 2nd place at the Original iPhone Film Festival. E.M.O. isn’t the first mobile multiscreen music video. But it definitely pushes the boundary leading to the (spoiler alert)…

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