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Music Video

“New York City”: a dazzling music video featuring Joey Ramone & 100+ other performers

Greg Jardin’s special-effects rich music video—”New York City”—makes the case that mobile moviemaking has no limits other than the moviemakers imagination.

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“Gasoline and Matches”: an animated performance by LeAnn Rimes

In this live action/animation music video—starring LeAnn Rimes, Rob Thomas, and Jeff Beck—all the footage was shot using an iPhone. 

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“Julie Drinks”: a music video introducing Willodean

“Julie Drinks” was directed by Renee Faia and produced by Sheri Hellard. This iPhone 5 video showcases the founders of Cheap Lullaby Records Eric Holden and Randy Wooten in their new band, Willodean. Here, they’re joined  by singer Dan Barrett from the Austin roots band Porterdavis. Renee is a musician as well as a director. You can see her performing…

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Why you should enter video contests!

These days, you don’t have to trek to Madison Avenue to be a Mad Man.  As it has done with so many genres, the Internet has democratized commercials. Now indie moviemakers can earn cash creating video ads. But there’s more to it than money. According to Justin Johnson, founder of Online Video Contests (OVC), entering contests is…

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“Fools Parade”: a psychedelic music video

Jeffrey Turboff earns his bread and butter working nights, editing for ABC News’ Nightline—but he’s also got a passion for creative indie projects such as the dazzling music video “Fools Parade,” which he directed for the band Trumpeter Swan. Although our policy is to keep articles to just a few hundred words, Jeffrey’s description of…

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“Summer Wine”: Shooting and Starring in a music video

Renee Faia is half of the rock group The Mazarines, and virtually all of the production team that shoots the group’s videos. Her “Summer Wine” music video won 2nd place at the International iPhone Film Festival in March 2014. In the following interview, Renee takes us behind the scenes of her moviemaking work. Did you script…

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