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Science fiction/fantasy

The Power of the Single-location Film

Filmmakers have long explored the dramatic possibilities of “confined” dramas, stories that unfold in one or just a few locations. Memorable examples include “Rear Window” (1954), “The Phone Booth” (2002), and “Paranormal Activity” (2009). Joining that illustrious group is “The Cloud,” a smartphone-shot sci-fi thriller set entirely in an elevator. At the 2016 year’s MoMo Film Festival in Zurich,…

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“Peacekeepers”: Google Glass trailer for a web series

“What would you do if you were getting text messages from God?” That question is at the heart of a new web series shot using Google Glass. Here’s the series trailer, which premiered today (November 14, 2014) at the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival.

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“Unknown”: the art of one-person moviemaking

New Delhi filmmaker Akhilesh Tripathi wrote, directed, starred in, edited, and scored this astonishing sci fi short.

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“Come Sweet Earth”: trailer for a sci fi web series

Canadian John Celona has won prizes for both his screenwriting and his movie productions. He’s been making movies for 15 years. The trailer shown here is for a 9-episode web series set to premier January 2015. The logline: An entity arrives from a distant galaxy and is hungry, very hungry.

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“The Fixer”: a study in editing (and a lot more)

If you have any doubts about achieving high quality production values with a mobile device, watch this movie. The movie, shot using an iPhone, was directed by Conrad Mess. The version featured here was edited down to 3:00 to qualify for the 2012 Mobil Film Festival, which it won! The video gives you plenty to…

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