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10 kinds of mini-docs that you can make…and should!

Why let Ken Burns have all the fun? If you’ve got a life—and a mobile device—you can make personal documentaries that will inform and delight viewers. The idea of local journalism isn’t new. Decades before the Web, New Zealand author Janet Frame wrote a short story “One Must Give Up” in which the narrator declares…

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“Movie Quotes to Live By”: Dialogue That Goes Beyond the Story

Most movie dialogue is bonded to the situation at hand. For example, when the Terminator says, “I’ll be back,” it’s all about what’s happening in that particular scene. But filmmakers sometimes take the next step and have their characters say things that could apply to lives outside the movie. 

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

There might gold in the next video you shoot.  It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally a short with a surprising plot twist or memorable characters becomes the seed for a hit feature-length movie. Perhaps the most famous example is “Peluca,” a 9-minute short made for $500. “Peluca” inspired “Napoleon Dynamite,” a feature that earned more…

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