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Smartphone Video Tip 2: Shoot wide, not tall.

There are three reasons to shoot with your camera in the horizontal (landscape) orientation. First, because of the side-by-side arrangement of our eyes, shooting wide reflects the way we see. Second, because the standard of shooting wide was established by Thomas Edison in 1909 and maintained since then even for TV, viewers are used to…

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Dual platform moviemaking: shooting a feature with an iPhone and a Canon

Robert David Duncan has been at the forefront of using small cameras (aka smartphones) to shoot small movies, that is, videos running about two minutes or less. MobileMovieMaking interviewed him about his micro-movie approach here. In addition to making shorts, he’s the director of the Miniature Film Festival.

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Smartphone video tip #1: Start with a close-up

If you want to create memorable mobile videos, follow the methods of  a master like Philip Bromwell. Note, for example, how he begins his “Lego Exhibition.” This video report was shot an iPhone 5S and broadcast on RTE (Irish television).

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10 Tips for Making a Memorable Travel Video

Most of us have suffered through boring travel videos featuring our fellow sojourners stiffly posed in front of landmarks. It doesn’t have to be that way. By adding a bit of creativity, you can propel your travelogues into the must-see category.

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The Micro Short Method: a video interview with Robert David Duncan

We want to make memorable movies. And thanks to today’s mobiles—plus inexpensive gear and apps—the tools we need are close at hand. But many of us are stymied by the question is “How do I begin?” 

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Smartphone Beauty Lenses: how to take great pictures

What are smartphone beauty lenses?

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