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Storage on the go

Answer: Use iCloud Backup. It will allow you to safely save your videos and pictures on iCloud. Once they are backed up, you can remove then off your smartphone or tablet to make room for more videos. If you are using an Android phone or tablet, you can back up using G Cloud Backup, Flickr…

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Frame-within-a-frame composition

Your camera’s lens takes in only a portion of reality. Deciding what to leave out and what to include is called “framing the shot.” Sometimes you can go a step further and include a frame within the larger frame. This may be done  to focus the viewer’s attention…or just for visual fun. A famous example…

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Hold the camera still to get professional looking video

Hollywood has trained us to expect smooth shooting. The result is that few things will ruin a video project faster than shaky cinematography. You’ll see proof in the accompanying video which compares a handheld shot with the same action done with the camera on a tripod. Engineers have attempted to come to our aid with image…

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How to control color values: beyond automatic white balance

Orange colored people…  what’s up with that?   What’s happening when your camera records the image in colors other than what you thought? Did you know that our eyes automatically adjust to the change in the color of many kinds of light.  Your camera doesn’t.   What it does do is guess.   The camera in your tablet…

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How to shoot underwater video with your mobile

The three rules of real estate—location, location, location—apply to moviemaking. Whether you’re creating a horror picture, a documentary, or a music video, where the action occurs will affect your material. Underwater locations can be dazzling. Think of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Abyss. However, until recently, such locations required plenty of technical resources.…

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