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Silent Movie Contest


Even in a backwards world, love finds a way

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silêncios – sons

Este é um projeto autoral onde mostro variações entre silêncios e sons, as imagens foram gravadas na cidade de Congonhas – MG Brasil

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Stredit – The day of a computer consultant

A little stredit i’ve made with my iPhone 4s! Hope u like it! (sorry for the black bars) Music: “Highway” by Jahzzar (betterwithmusic.com) A Stredit is a straight edit using all your clips in order you filmed them. Official Rules for a video to be called a Stredit: 1. You must use every clip from…

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The Dhal Burglar

In this comedy, featured at the 2014 Mobil Film Festival, a young girl gets caught stealing bowls of dhal, but all for a good purpose. This short, by award-winning writer/director/creative director Eran Thomson, features an intriguing chase scene with a very large payoff! “The Dhal Burglar” was Eran’s first mobile short, made “whilst on holiday”…

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