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Silent Movie

Speaking the Unspeakable in a Silent Movie

Mohsin Hamid’s celebrated novel Exit West deals with societal fragmentation and dehumanization in 230 pages. Simon Powell’s “Murmuring Goodbye” probes the same issue in 60 seconds. While we’re talking apples and oranges—book vs. movie—a case can be made that the emotional impact of Powell’s silent film equals that of the book. The film uses a variety of elements to convey the unspeakable…

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“Lost”: a silent b & w movie

In their short movie—”Lost”—co-directors Paul Brown and George Brown use black and white to capture the sense of loss.  The video was shot using using an iPhone 5S.    

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“Memory 22”: an experiment in stop motion

Bill Newsinger’s “Memory 22” won third prize at the Mobil Film Festival 2013 In the following behind-the-scenes narrative, Bill shares some of the tricks that went into his magical movie. Memory 22 was shot on my iphone 4s using the Hipstamatic app and the Tintype Snap Pak. Most of it was hand held but a couple…

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“The Dhal Burglar”: a silent comedy that features a classic chase sequence

In this  comedy, featured at the 2014 Mobil Film Festival, a young girl gets caught stealing bowls of dhal, but all for a good purpose. This short, by award-winning writer/director/creative director Eran Thomson, features an intriguing chase scene with a very large payoff! “The Dhal Burglar” was Eran’s first mobile short, made “whilst on holiday”…

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