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Special Effects

How to Get a Great Movie Performance from a Child Actor

When directing a child actor, limiting dialogue can lead to getting a first-rate performance.

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How to Capture a Dinosaur: a Jurassic Park fan film

Malyvann Keo is the founder and chief staff member of Alone Moviz. Actually, he’s the only staff member because the whole point of his endeavor is to make “solo movies” in which he is the writer, the director, the cinematographer, the props manager, the actor, and the post production supervisor. In the following interview, Malyvann takes…

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Demonic special effects in a mobile movie: “Vengeance”

Special effects have played a key role in moviemaking from the earliest days. History is repeating itself with the rise of mobile moviemaking. If you want a good example take a look at Matthew Pearce’s one minute and twenty second horror short, “Vengeance,” shot with an iPhone 4S.

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SloPro: 1000 fps Slow Motion Video app

If life seems to be moving too fast, there’s a remedy: film it in slow motion. These days it’s easy and inexpensive. A popular app for the iPhone and iPad is SloPro (Sand Motion Studios, downloadable at iTunes), which offers 1000 frames per second images, useful if you’re studying hummingbirds. More leisurely rates, say four…

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