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Avoiding the Talking-head Problem

In two minutes, Irish mobile journalist Philip Bromwell uses b-roll to overcome the talking-head problem.

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Nonverbal Acting that Creates a Memorable Performance

Great actors are masters of nonverbal acting, which is a skill that can enable even inexperienced performers to astonish audiences.

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Featuring drones in a digital Christmas greeting

In addition to making possible affordable aerial cinematography, drones are now taking starring roles in front of the camera.

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December test

december test

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The Secret of Making a Mobile Movie Parody

Kemp Baldwin demonstrates the art of the mobile movie parody in”Bindle Bros.” The four-minute faux documentary was a selection in the 2016 Disposable Film Festival

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Underwater Drone Videography

For a few years now, mobile moviemakers have been able to shoot underwater. All it takes is possessing a waterproof smartphone or a waterproof case. We wrote about the possibilities here. But because of depth limitation—plus dangers inherent in working underwater—mobile-shot underwater footage has been limited…until now. Writing in Wired, Paul Sarconi reports on soon-to-be-released drones designed…

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